Workaround when you can not sleep

What happens if you do not sleep in the sleepy ?

Is there when I can not sleep to sleepy you ?

“I must sleep Because early tomorrow ”
You think , but I can not sleep .

It’s very hard.

If you do not sleep so much , might die in this state , you might think from time to time

It’s okay!

Cases died from the disease that can not sleep is about 50 people in the world .

The human body is made well .

Sleepy naturally and do not sleep much .

By the way why not you can not sleep well ?

Zansyomimai – The Letter at the end of summer in Japan

In Japan , Put out a letter to late summer.

At the end of summer , people of good relations and acquaintance , whether likely cosecant safely.

You can visit the house , put the letter to make sure that safety.

This is the meaning of Zansyomimai.

In recent years , It send postcards without to visit is major

And those who do not quite meet , and people get along , but I was good they’ve been estranged , Zansyomimai is a good opportunity to make contact again !

It introduces how to write a lingering summer heat visit this time.

Oikimuchi – Pickled cucumber eat with grilled beef

Do you like grilled beef?

I love grilled beef!

It is good to eat together and rice.

if you eat grilled beef only, it is greasy.
I want to eat the thing that was refreshing.

To be recommended in such a case is Oikimuchi.

You can easily make.

It would be delicious to eat more grilled beef.

It introduces a simple recipe.
Let’s try!

carbonated water – It thinks you are bad to health?

do you think carbonate is bad to body ?

In fact, carbon dioxide is good for the body . Did you know ! ?

Bad for the body chemical seasoning and sugar that is included in the ” carbonate juice ”

So , ” carbonate ” itself is not that bad.

In fact there is also a diet effect on the ” carbonated water ”

I will be introducing the carbonated water this time.

[Japanese Culture] Do you know the word “Shokibarai”

Do you ever hear the word “Shokibarai”?

Words used in the business scene in Japan.

meaning of “shoki” The heat of the summer.
“barai” meant to dispel.

Period of hot summer in Japan take the physical strength and willpower.

Meaning of “Shokibarai” will become healthy to drink alcohol.
Let’s do our best to not to lose heat.

General this means “Shokibarai” is.

A variety of ways to beat the heat also has been handed down Japanese culture as”Shokibarai” .

Japanese politics – The democratic election by three

It introduces the mechanism of election of Japan.

In Japan, it is time specific , election car runs into town.

They are referred to as “Please me Kiyoki one vote !”

What kind of effect specifically to one vote of election?

Japanese people get the right to vote of the election from 20-year-old.

There are different types of voting rights.

Let’s introduce from the type.

Day lily is in full bloom in mid- July in the Kurumayama in Nagano

The day lily , perennial plant of the lily family.

Without dying in winter , perennial , plant the flowers bloom every year.

In the plateau of the mountain , beautiful yellow flowers on one side blooms.

Beyond the hill by hill-climbing , day lily , such as a carpet of bright yellow can watch.

[Japanese Culture]Keironohi-”Respect-for-the-Aged Day”

dou you know origin of Keironohi that is Japanese national holiday?

Its history from long ago in ’40

By Happy Monday method , the third Monday of September has become Respect for the Aged Day in 2000.

The modern people , and busy , people who have not seen many parents .

It is advisable to go to see parents and grandchildren for our the holiday.

How I wonder what the origin of the Respect for the Aged Day.

This article describes the Respect-for-the-Aged Day that a holiday in Japan.

How to eradication H. pylori

Listen well recently “Helicobacter pylori”.

It seems to be no problem so much, but really?

H. pylori bacteria of helical living in the stomach, such as a human.

Some gastric juices in the stomach. Usually, the creature is uninhabitable.

However, only H. pylori is special, it is still alive in the stomach of animals to neutralize the gastric juice by issuing the enzyme on their own.

It is easy to H. pylori infection sanitation is poor, it is said that about 70% over the age of 50 and live in the stomach H. pylori.

H. pylori is a dangerous bacteria that can be guarded from gastric acid.

Wimbledon, tennis! attention to Kimiko Date Krumm and Kei Nishikori of tennis player of Japanese players

Be held in Wimbledon, London, England, Wimbledon Championships, one of the international convention of the big four of tennis.

This tournament is very major in tennis there is a history and more than 130 years.

Level of the players that appeared considerably high, Japanese are not quite leave the good results so far.

This time, the Wimbledon Championships, men’s, women’s, was able to play an active role both Japanese.