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What is KUNCHI – It means Japanese festival of autumn

What is ” Kunchi ” ? Kunchi means ” the 9th ” And , Kunchi the autumn festival that takes place all over Japan in September-October the festival is carried out in the September 9th , the 19th , 29th . Famous Okunchi festival of October 7 to 9 , which will be held annually・・・

Zansyomimai – The Letter at the end of summer in Japan

In Japan , Put out a letter to late summer. At the end of summer , people of good relations and acquaintance , whether likely cosecant safely. You can visit the house , put the letter to make sure that safety. This is the meaning of Zansyomimai. In recent years , It send postcards without・・・

[Japanese Culture] Do you know the word “Shokibarai”

Do you ever hear the word “Shokibarai”? Words used in the business scene in Japan. meaning of “shoki” The heat of the summer. “barai” meant to dispel. Period of hot summer in Japan take the physical strength and willpower. Meaning of “Shokibarai” will become healthy to drink alcohol. Let’s do our best to not to・・・

[Japanese Culture]Keironohi-”Respect-for-the-Aged Day”

dou you know origin of Keironohi that is Japanese national holiday? Its history from long ago in ’40 By Happy Monday method , the third Monday of September has become Respect for the Aged Day in 2000. The modern people , and busy , people who have not seen many parents . It is advisable・・・