Diet method of swimming

Are you exercise for health?

I am 30s , metabolic syndrome is a concern .

Moreover, work is carried out by sitting
Lack of exercise is serious .

I am not like the sweat .

So swim to go to the pool ,

heated pool is cool in summer , and warm in winter .

Want to use for diet efficiently ‘re going

This time, we will introduce a menu efficient in burning fat effect of swimming

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Can also swim in the diet

Swimming is good for your health in many ways .

For example, the diet effect is higher than the activity on the ground swimming !

Why not?

Because water is cold in the first place.

The water is cold , body temperature deprived .

Than ground , more energy is consumed more in order to undo the heat taken away .

Compared the calories of other movements

About twice the jogging
About three times the cycling

Momentum of the same time,
Many calories swimming.

Why is said diet effect of swimming is low

Have heard surely you ,

” Swimming is not good on a diet ! ”
“I ‘m not skinny at all ! ”

Because eating something . After a swim .

Get the munchies after exercise is swimming .

After you swim , not to eat too much consciously .

Diet can efficiently doing so .

Swimming is most suitable for the physical preparation !

Compared to other sports , the risk of injury is small swimming .

Can make a healthy body efficiently .

Even people foot is poor, good rehabilitation , also making physical fitness .

So take advantage of cardiopulmonary function , it is recommended and people have asthma , even in children .

It is possible to give a good balance muscles .

This is also effective in order to improve the posture .

An example of a swimming menu .

Swimming menu of diet for

Point move earnestly and without rest .

Try to go 25 meters each way , to measure how much time it take .

After , to check what set or go by dividing the moveable time .

Use the whole body slowly as possible .

The recommended way is as follows .

Swimming diet menu

Breaststroke slowly
Standing heel walking
Walking backward

The backward walking , I do in a place with less people .

If there is a walking -only lane , use the lane .

After , you go with friends or family , there is a tendency for long-lasting !

Let’s , swimming !

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