Synopsis Ghibli movie “The Wind Rises” is? Draw the way of life the “Jiro Horikoshi” at 1930s in Japan

Hayao Miyazaki has made a new movie​​,this is human drama “The Wind Rises”. In Japan, it has become a nationwide road show from July 20, 2013. The completion report conference held at Studio Ghibli of Koganei-shi, Tokyo, and that had tears in the preview “Tachinu Wind” Hayao Miyazaki himself dealt with on their own production.・・・

[japanese comics] The science fantasy works “Brünnhilde of black pole” Volume 5 of the sale, by rin Okamoto

There elements Moe and slightly grotesque , hey ? It is the introduction of the ” Brünnhilde of black pole ” pure love SF dark fantasies . Murakami is Ryota, believed in aliens. There was a childhood friend relationship was good in elementary school. The name of the girl was “black cat”. And, he was・・・