What is BINBOYUSURI? – It means tapping unconsciously

The origin of the nervous shaking of the leg ? What’s the poor ?

Do you know the BINBOYUSURI ?

In the words of Japan , this means tapping unconsciously .

Meaning of poverty is BINBO .

Meaning of YUSURI rock .

Single named from how the poor to withstand the cold .

I was named the foot from moving in the collection is moneylender .

There is also a theory that .

Why foot or move on its own ?

The reason is …

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Mental state of the nervous shaking of the leg

Poverty extortion habit .

There is no medical reason .

General theory that the way to relieve stress .

The thus moves naturally and lack of exercise , in order to eliminate the stagnation of blood flow after .

There is also a theory that .

Tapping unconsciously produce a good effect ?

Tapping unconsciously is good for the body ?

Blood flow is improved When you move .

The swelling of the feet and cold hands and feet of many women .

It is somewhat eliminated by moving the body .

But It is not a good manners .

Let Tapping unconsciously when one person .

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