The mixture of food – Good and bad Combination

The bad for the body to eat at the same time . It is good for the health to eat together . There are a variety of cases . The danger in some cases . It introduces matching eat this time .

Oikimuchi – Pickled cucumber eat with grilled beef

Do you like grilled beef? I love grilled beef! It is good to eat together and rice. if you eat grilled beef only, it is greasy. I want to eat the thing that was refreshing. To be recommended in such a case is Oikimuchi. You can easily make. It would be delicious to eat more・・・

Habanero tomato, this is limited edition, which has been sold at McDonald’s in Japan

In the McDonald’s of Japan, Limited Item being sold often. Hamburger’s usually about 1 U.S. dollars to three U.S. dollars, but the habanero tomato’s expensive and $ 5 or more. However, by setting out a sense of quality, and in a limited time, is popular enough to be matrix. Previously, habanero tomato, was started from・・・

Do you know the Torotaku? This is one of the types of sushi in Japan

Torotaku it is in boom gradually in Japan. It is one of the menu of sushi in Japan, what is the recipe of this dish. The Torotaku, as the name implies, pickled radish and Toro of the material of the Japanese cuisine has been used.And, the food,’s in wrapped in seaweed and pickled radish and・・・

Royal Host, In the family restaurant in Japan, the use Available in a birthday coupon

Royal Host family restaurant with a shop of 300 in Japan. Slightly higher than Denny’s and Jonathan, but the charm’s freely choose a variety of dishes in buffet. When you use the Royal Host, a method that can be used for the best deals today. Then, Fair is doing in Royal Host – Let ‘s・・・