The mixture of food – Good and bad Combination

The bad for the body to eat at the same time .
It is good for the health to eat together .

There are a variety of cases .

The danger in some cases .

It introduces matching eat this time .

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Alignment eat healthy

Clams and lemon

Clams and lemon is good for anemia .

clam have rich Iron .

Vitamin B12 is abundant.

Vitamin B12 is needed to make blood .

Citric acid is included in the lemon .

Citric acid to promote the absorption of iron .

Natto and okra

Natto and okra is effective for diabetes .

Okra create an environment of the intestine .

Okra to adjust the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids .

There is an effect of inhibiting blood sugar to natto .

It has the effect of increasing the secretion of insulin .

Beef and green pepper

Beef and green pepper is good for poor circulation .

Green pepper and pork come together .

Then , there is an effect to warm the body and heal .

But also to prevent summer heat .

Is also effective in diarrhea .

Alignment eat bad health

Watermelon and tempura

Get diarrhea to eat watermelon and tempura .

Tempura is oily .

Watermelon is moist food .

If you eat at the same time, oil and water ,burden on the stomach to digest .

Sausage and cod roe

Combination of sausage and cod roe is worst .

No problem to eat separately .

Powerful carcinogens ” nitrosamine body ” occurs to eat together .

And dimethylamine contained in the cod roe , nitrite contained in the sausage cause .

Cucumber and tomato

Cucumber break the rich vitamin C with the tomatoes .

Cause ass ruby recombinase with the cucumber .

Destruction of vitamin C goes further when applied to juicer ass ruby recombinase .

Effect is weakened and the application of heat .

Dangerous alignment eat

It introduces a combination of dangerous food to last .

It … .

Coke and Mentos

If you put a Mentos in Coke , bubbles of carbonic acid is injected like crazy .

Hole fine tremendous number of vacant on the surface of the Mentos .

The hole to make bubbles of carbon dioxide .

Some people carried by ambulance to eat Mentos immediately with a cup of cola .

Video of Mentos Coke

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