[Japanese Culture] Do you know the word “Shokibarai”

Do you ever hear the word “Shokibarai”?

Words used in the business scene in Japan.

meaning of “shoki” The heat of the summer.
“barai” meant to dispel.

Period of hot summer in Japan take the physical strength and willpower.

Meaning of “Shokibarai” will become healthy to drink alcohol.
Let’s do our best to not to lose heat.

General this means “Shokibarai” is.

A variety of ways to beat the heat also has been handed down Japanese culture as”Shokibarai” .

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See how the “Shokibarai”

“Shokibarai”of the original meaning , and to take the “What have the effect of cooling the body “.

Drinking a tisane or herbal medicine.

I will show you how the some “Shokibarai”.

Leaf of loquat

The leaves of the loquat , tannin and vitamin B1, saponin and citric acids.

this leaves contains many nutrients.

Is also effective in atopic and put in the bath.

this leaves can fix the function of the intestine , there is also a diuretic effect.

To prevent summer heat , some effects and cool the body , also of efficacy and fatigue recovery.

It is preferable to drink as an alternative to tea with boiled leaves of the loquat.

Watermelon rind

There is Shin-netsu effect and diuretic effect on the skin of the watermelon.

You can to pickles , to take more or fried.

There is also a way to drink in the soup that was seasoned and boiled down the skin.

East coast ( winter melon )

The east coast , put out the excess water that has accumulated in the body there is a diuretic effect.

It also put out the heat accumulated in the body.

It is easy to eat even in the summer in texture plain.

It’s perfect for hot weather pay.

But also a side dish of rice if Itamere salt and meat , pepper , in Shaoxing rice wine.

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