The choleric will be sick? Watch out to a sudden change in personality !

Do you have a person who is quick to show anger around you ?

Some people get angry seasonal .
Some people get angry with stress .

However , mild-mannered man became angry suddenly .

We need to be careful such case .

It may be sick maybe .

This time , I did research for the conditions and state of the People get angry.

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Reason to get angry ?

Why do people get angry .

One cause of stress .

When you get angry .

When things do not go as you think of yourself .

Stress modern society .

Cause of stay-at-home is likely to anger .

Stress is often the cause .

Anxiety contradiction dissatisfaction .

These feelings to stimulate the brain .

There is no problem as long as things somewhat .

Because there is immunity in humans .

Repeatedly , to meet the cause of the stress .

Stress is accumulated .

And when it exceeds capacity .

It is an alternative to anger .

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Name symptoms like anger

Name of anger in psychiatry .

The first irritability .

State anger explodes a trivial cause .

Angry before the brain than react .

State like anger constantly .

Get angry even if there is no stress .

Side effects of medicine and mental disorders cause .

Possibility of the disease

It was a mild-mannered person usually .

Became angry suddenly .

” That person , personality as totally changed ! ”

And watch out such a case !

There is a possibility that an abnormality of the brain is awake !

The part is responsible for the feeling that the frontal lobe of the brain .

Tumor or blood clot can do this part .

State in which the pressure on the frontal lobe .

Some may become angry feelings are stimulated .

To introduce the disease name some .

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The disease should be suspected

Chronic subdural hematoma

Disease bleeding accumulates between the brain and the dura mater surrounding the brain .

Brain causes internal bleeding , such as when you bang your head .

I will put pressure on cerebral blood accumulate .

You do not feel the pain in the brain .

Some symptom may leave it after a few months .

Brain tumor

What can be can be within the skull to the brain .

Disease of the brain that can occur at a rate of 12 people in one hundred thousand people .

Blotch in the brain gradually increases .

Headache soon as I wake up in the morning .
Sometimes breast milk comes out not pregnant , or though it is a male .


If the liver is no longer functioning properly .

Poisons such as ammonia around the brain .

State of the brain is funny temporarily .

Symptoms appear by the poison , and the like get angry suddenly .


A kind of mental disorder .

Some degradation and mental activity , and symptoms such as no longer sleep loss of appetite .

In addition , it becomes aggressive feeling of emptiness , sadness suggest surprising .


In any case , in some cases the act of ” angry ” have an abnormality physically .

It may not be a temporary feeling .

In the case of anger unnatural way , recommended to see a doctor .

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