Workaround when you can not sleep

What happens if you do not sleep in the sleepy ?

Is there when I can not sleep to sleepy you ?

“I must sleep Because early tomorrow ”
You think , but I can not sleep .

It’s very hard.

If you do not sleep so much , might die in this state , you might think from time to time

It’s okay!

Cases died from the disease that can not sleep is about 50 people in the world .

The human body is made well .

Sleepy naturally and do not sleep much .

By the way why not you can not sleep well ?

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Why can not sleep in the sleepy

Reason not to sleep .

For two reasons .

The first is why spiritual .

The second is due to disturbance of the autonomic nervous system .

Autonomic nervous system , the adjustment mechanism that you can breath , you can digest what you ate , or sweat , the body is doing to nature .

Hormones secreted by the body .

I over the body .

Thereby adjusting the physical condition , but does not work properly sometimes .

Excessive stress ,
Irregular life
Unbalanced diet

These break the hormone balance .

Idea for Sleeping

What to do in order to sleep ?

Physically , I take a different approach if the hormone balance is already collapsed .

If you can not sleep because of mental .

The obsession in one .

Obsession that it must sleep .

This creates a situation where I can not sleep too much .

State of uneasy feeling

They thus activates the brain .

How to sleep to be safe .

All right because I set two alarm
Do not die even if you do not sleep all right to
That job is all right when it finishes by the day after tomorrow

Find the ” all right ”
Think about the ” fun ”

You are sleeping too soon .

Four things to be careful when I can not sleep

Rather than spiritual things , the case of the autonomic nervous .

Hormone balance is collapsed

I fix the physical condition , to return to a normal state , the hormone balance .

Point to be careful are as follows .

Make a regular life
Firmly take morning , noon , evening meals
Do moderate exercise
Remove the cause of the stress

Hope you get good sleep!


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