The choleric will be sick? Watch out to a sudden change in personality !

Do you have a person who is quick to show anger around you ?

Some people get angry seasonal .
Some people get angry with stress .

However , mild-mannered man became angry suddenly .

We need to be careful such case .

It may be sick maybe .

This time , I did research for the conditions and state of the People get angry.

A youth hostel ? 3500 locations around the world !

Do you know a youth hostel ?

Hostel accommodation network .

Have about 3500 locations worldwide .

Young people interact with nature .

I promote the healthy development .

This is the purpose of the youth hostel .

How to take a screenshot of the Android! Easy and free image editing software

Easily take the SS in Android!

How to take a screenshot on a smartphone .

  • Want to capture as it is what you have checked on the net !
  • Want to take a screen shot of the smartphone game !
  • Want to save the image the e-mail content !
  • Meet these needs .

    Show you how to take a screenshot in Android smartphone .
    Introduces the image processing software recommendations .

    How to take on the Android screen shot

    And show you how to take a screenshot in Android !

    The mixture of food – Good and bad Combination

    The bad for the body to eat at the same time .
    It is good for the health to eat together .

    There are a variety of cases .

    The danger in some cases .

    It introduces matching eat this time .

    [For iPhone] Way of tethering – Connect to a Wi-Fi receiver cordless handset

    You know tethering ?

    Smartphone receives cellular radio waves .

    Tethering also be used in other devices the radio wave received .

    PC and other smart phones can also be Internet .


    If there is a smartphone tethering support .

    combination iPad and iphone5 is good!

    Where is SAKURAJIMA -? Active volcanoes in Kyushu of Japan

    Do you know the island of Japan’s Sakurajima ?

    The Sakurajima is in the southernmost tip of Kyushu in Kagoshima , Japan .

    Kagoshima to appear in the history of Japan at the time of the Meiji Restoration .

    Named Satsuma clan at that time .

    Special products and history of Sakurajima .

    If there is a major eruption in the Taisho era , it became a land bridge .

    Sakurajima , an active volcano in the world.

    Distinctive appearance , such as protruding from the sea .

    Symbol of Kagoshima .

    Island itself is almost mountain .

    Volcano eruption constantly .

    However , people also live .

    Specialty products Sakurajima radish .

    The Very thick .

    Hot spring is abundant because it is close to the volcano .

    Overlooking the sea ” Sakurajima magma hot spring ” .

    Scenery is great also ” Furusato Onsen ” .

    What is KUNCHI – It means Japanese festival of autumn

    What is ” Kunchi ” ?

    Kunchi means ” the 9th ”

    And , Kunchi the autumn festival that takes place all over Japan in September-October

    the festival is carried out in the September 9th , the 19th , 29th .

    Famous Okunchi festival of October 7 to 9 , which will be held annually in the shrine of Kyushu Nagasaki .

    It is called something ” KUNCHI ” .

    The major festival in Kyushu .

    What is BINBOYUSURI? – It means tapping unconsciously

    The origin of the nervous shaking of the leg ? What’s the poor ?

    Do you know the BINBOYUSURI ?

    In the words of Japan , this means tapping unconsciously .

    Meaning of poverty is BINBO .

    Meaning of YUSURI rock .

    Single named from how the poor to withstand the cold .

    I was named the foot from moving in the collection is moneylender .

    There is also a theory that .

    Why foot or move on its own ?

    The reason is …

    Diet method of swimming

    Are you exercise for health?

    I am 30s , metabolic syndrome is a concern .

    Moreover, work is carried out by sitting
    Lack of exercise is serious .

    I am not like the sweat .

    So swim to go to the pool ,

    heated pool is cool in summer , and warm in winter .

    Want to use for diet efficiently ‘re going

    This time, we will introduce a menu efficient in burning fat effect of swimming

    What is Placenta!? – Three ways to help sleep

    It introduces three ways to help sleep when you can not sleep .

    Regular life .
    Removal of stress that causes .

    This is a building block that is used to sleep .


    State that I can not sleep for a while followed by .
    Situation that I can not sleep does not improve .

    People of the above symptoms .

    I want you to read this article .

    I will introduce some effective way .

    It introduces three ways to help sleep when you can not sleep .

  • Ingest the placenta
  • Ingest royal jelly
  • Slowly get into a bath
  • Well , Let’s take this one piece at a time .