The choleric will be sick? Watch out to a sudden change in personality !

Do you have a person who is quick to show anger around you ? Some people get angry seasonal . Some people get angry with stress . However , mild-mannered man became angry suddenly . We need to be careful such case . It may be sick maybe . This time , I did research・・・

What is BINBOYUSURI? – It means tapping unconsciously

The origin of the nervous shaking of the leg ? What’s the poor ? Do you know the BINBOYUSURI ? In the words of Japan , this means tapping unconsciously . Meaning of poverty is BINBO . Meaning of YUSURI rock . Single named from how the poor to withstand the cold . I was・・・

What is Placenta!? – Three ways to help sleep

It introduces three ways to help sleep when you can not sleep . Regular life . Removal of stress that causes . This is a building block that is used to sleep . Also State that I can not sleep for a while followed by . Situation that I can not sleep does not improve・・・

Workaround when you can not sleep

What happens if you do not sleep in the sleepy ? Is there when I can not sleep to sleepy you ? “I must sleep Because early tomorrow ” You think , but I can not sleep . It’s very hard. If you do not sleep so much , might die in this state ,・・・

carbonated water – It thinks you are bad to health?

do you think carbonate is bad to body ? In fact, carbon dioxide is good for the body . Did you know ! ? Bad for the body chemical seasoning and sugar that is included in the ” carbonate juice ” So , ” carbonate ” itself is not that bad. In fact there is・・・

How to eradication H. pylori

Listen well recently “Helicobacter pylori”. It seems to be no problem so much, but really? H. pylori bacteria of helical living in the stomach, such as a human. Some gastric juices in the stomach. Usually, the creature is uninhabitable. However, only H. pylori is special, it is still alive in the stomach of animals to・・・