Where is SAKURAJIMA -? Active volcanoes in Kyushu of Japan

Do you know the island of Japan’s Sakurajima ?

The Sakurajima is in the southernmost tip of Kyushu in Kagoshima , Japan .

Kagoshima to appear in the history of Japan at the time of the Meiji Restoration .

Named Satsuma clan at that time .

Special products and history of Sakurajima .

If there is a major eruption in the Taisho era , it became a land bridge .

Sakurajima , an active volcano in the world.

Distinctive appearance , such as protruding from the sea .

Symbol of Kagoshima .

Island itself is almost mountain .

Volcano eruption constantly .

However , people also live .

Specialty products Sakurajima radish .

The Very thick .

Hot spring is abundant because it is close to the volcano .

Overlooking the sea ” Sakurajima magma hot spring ” .

Scenery is great also ” Furusato Onsen ” .

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Sakurajima eruption number is increasing

Sakurajima volcano originally submarine .

It was on the island with a lot eruption .

I have smoked all the time .

Eruption is increasing recently .

Eruption of Sakurajima number of times in the 20 years of 2008 to 1988 about 3,600 times .

The eruption of more than 1000 times in a year since 2010 .

Video Sakurajima volcano erupts

Large eruption of the past

There was a big eruption in 1476 .

Sakurajima came out to sea from the sea at that time .

1914 there was a major eruption in the recent past ( 1914 ) .

100m depth lava flows at that time .

Buried a distance of 400 meters, which was between the land .

Total amount of various things such as lava had erupted at that time about 3.2 billion tons .

About 1,600 cups of Tokyo Dome .

Eruption number became more Why ?

The impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 is expected .

Magma chamber of Sakurajima , about 10km northern part directly under the Kagoshima Bay .

To eruption to reach a limit to go this magma accumulated .

This was stimulated by the earthquake .

Volcanic activity is activated in Japan throughout .

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