What is KUNCHI – It means Japanese festival of autumn

What is ” Kunchi ” ?

Kunchi means ” the 9th ”

And , Kunchi the autumn festival that takes place all over Japan in September-October

the festival is carried out in the September 9th , the 19th , 29th .

Famous Okunchi festival of October 7 to 9 , which will be held annually in the shrine of Kyushu Nagasaki .

It is called something ” KUNCHI ” .

The major festival in Kyushu .

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What kind of festival I Okunchi festival ?

They shout


Shout at Okunchi festival of Kyushu Nagasaki

There is a history 370 years

It is also designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset of the country .

Japanese dance festival in shamisen .

Dynamic dragon appeared on the big Chinese .

Even when Japan is in seclusion , Kyushu had exchanges with foreign countries .

Festival includes cultural elements Netherlands and Portugal , and China .

You Can Good viewing to buy the ticket!

If you go to Nagasaki the time of the festival , you can see the ( garden around )

It is for free .

Garden around , celebrations that Osusowake fortune by showing the dance .

Center Suwa Shrine .

I will be in great congestion .

Those who want a closer look at it , buy the shrine pay seat .

Types of standing room on the day of sale seats and four -seater .

Is popular , lottery every year .

I have the ticket sales from around June .


Grade Seat Price
S Seat 1 square 4 seater \ 30,000
A Seat 1 square 4 seater \ 24,000
A Selling roses \ 6,000
B Seat 1 square 4 seater \ 18,000
B Selling roses \ 4,500
C seat 1 square 4 seater \ 12,000
C Selling roses \ 3,000
Standing 1 person \ 1,500

There is a great lively among the festival by a number of Japanese .

You go to see by all means if you are interested .

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