How to eradication H. pylori

Listen well recently “Helicobacter pylori”.

It seems to be no problem so much, but really?

H. pylori bacteria of helical living in the stomach, such as a human.

Some gastric juices in the stomach. Usually, the creature is uninhabitable.

However, only H. pylori is special, it is still alive in the stomach of animals to neutralize the gastric juice by issuing the enzyme on their own.

It is easy to H. pylori infection sanitation is poor, it is said that about 70% over the age of 50 and live in the stomach H. pylori.

H. pylori is a dangerous bacteria that can be guarded from gastric acid.

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H. pylori infection route is from where?

It’s likely to be infected health environment is bad it can be seen. But, Where is the route of infection of H. pylori.

Basically, it would be colonizers to enter in the stomach together when eating, and drinking.

There is also a view of slimy and tap water was dirty old, One theory, cockroaches that are brought H. pylori.

Japan recently that we have become beautiful, the more likely some, if young people are infected is lower than before.

By the way, it does not infect a kiss.

After, that it infected the age of children with low immunity in many cases.

Immunity if Tsuitere Become a adult, but also bacteria that, can not compete.

Conditions H. pylori symptoms appear

This is not a disease always can have H. pylori in the body ,

Probability of H. pylori to activities 30% . Nothing happens infected people about 70% of the carriers .

So , that you do not notice at all , even if it infected many .

So, if the disease of H. pylori has been up to ?

It is as follows .

Duodenal ulcer , gastric ulcer

The most common is , gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer .

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer , well thunder adjustment of the mucosa to protect the organ

Disease and inner wall would hurt .

To attack the reservoir or the stress , and in the neglect of health , balance mucus and blood flow , hormonal and collapses .

Such as when you have decreased or stomach , around the pit of the stomach aches griping .

This disease becomes a habit when it comes time.

In fact , more than 90% of people who got sick are infected with H. pylori .

Gastric cancer

H. pylori , a carcinogen as well as a fungus .

By the eradication of H. pylori , the incidence of stomach cancer can be suppressed to about 1 / 3 to 1 / 6 is also apparent from the study.

If you are infected with H. pylori at 50 years of age or older , to up to 75 years old, will be the establishment of gastric cancer in about one in 10 people .

How to H. pylori eradication

H. pylori that I want to sanitize if possible in order to avoid the various risks.

But, can you do it willingly.

The eradication of H. pylori, is performed by combining three drugs

· Medicine to suppress the growth of bacteria
・Antibiotics paired H. pylori
· Medicine to suppress the secretion of gastric acid

In medicine of this 3 hit combo, H. pylori knockout nine toes!

Is there any side effects with H. pylori eradication?

But, do I have to care, side effects when eradication H. pylori.

I incorporate into the body medicine getting rid of H. pylori.
So there is that side effects may occur in some people.

Many cases is, or beat stomach or sore sanitization during
However, this is no problem because heal in a few days.

Have you or heartburn from healed, stomach acid or to reverse flow.

Sometimes also, and burdening the stomach, goes out for a while.

Basically, it is raised attentively the stomach, if, let’s see the doctor If you get bloody stool.

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