A youth hostel ? 3500 locations around the world !

Do you know a youth hostel ?

Hostel accommodation network .

Have about 3500 locations worldwide .

Young people interact with nature .

I promote the healthy development .

This is the purpose of the youth hostel .

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Youth Hostel How much does it cost?

Rates hostel room without meals around 3,000 yen .

If you do not use member registration , subject to an extra charge of 600 yen per night .

The youth hostels are deployed in 80 countries around the world .

Are available in the member price hostel overseas if a single member registration .

If you give a dinner and breakfast , per night 4,500 yen.

Very reasonable !

When it comes to youth hostel member ?

Hostel , organizations that promote healthy education of youth has developed around the world .

Partnered with various companies to support its activities .


Horse Riding Club Crane

→ 30% discount rate of one course Riding School (usually 5,000 yen) .

Nissan Car Rental

→ ( service models except station and car rental ) 5% discount of the basic rate

Ferry specific

→ 10% of the fee to 20 % Off

And so on .

The child who has become a little larger , I want to let the various experience !

I survive in such a case very .

Tokyo Ueno Youth Hostel also open !

In recent years , youth hostel was oven to Tokyo Ueno .

Immediately from the ” okachimachi ” station.

Began to operate in the hostel business hotel .

, Such as job hunting or exam , when you come out to Tokyo from the countryside .

Use in the event feeling with my friends .

Ueno Zoo and museums , Ameyoko tour .

It is most suitable for when it came to tourism from abroad .

It is likely to be utilized in various scenes .

Origin of the Youth Hostel

Hostel , not inn originally .

Originated in Germany .

Industrial revolution of 100 years ago .

Era of industrialization advanced rapidly .

A Germans saw there is no spirit of children makes a class in the middle of the forest on the outskirts .

Then smile of children were back!

There is no accommodation for promoting this movement , and for exploring nature .

Youth Hostel was inaugurated .

Referred to as the ” parent ” the ( facility manager ) Manager hostel of Japan .

System that welcoming like a child of their own , children who visit , the youth are made .

Hence the creed , hostel safe to use .

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