[Japanese Culture]Keironohi-”Respect-for-the-Aged Day”

dou you know origin of Keironohi that is Japanese national holiday?

Its history from long ago in ’40

By Happy Monday method , the third Monday of September has become Respect for the Aged Day in 2000.

The modern people , and busy , people who have not seen many parents .

It is advisable to go to see parents and grandchildren for our the holiday.

How I wonder what the origin of the Respect for the Aged Day.

This article describes the Respect-for-the-Aged Day that a holiday in Japan.

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Theory that Prince Shotoku decided

One of the origin of Respect for the Aged Day is Prince Shotoku decided.

Prince Shotoku was a great a man that was in Japan in the 6th century.

Prince Shotoku built a senior citizens’ home for the first time at japan.

It was opened on September 15.

Temple stood the name Hiden’in

Persisting as a place name of Osaka, Japan

Theory that Emperor Gensyo decided

One of the origin of Respect for the Aged Day is Emperor Gensyo decided.

Emperor is changed , when I had changed its era in the old days

In the 8th century , source primary Emperor to ” senior citizens ” the era name

Theory that the 15th September became the Senior Citizen’s Day from it

In any case , there was a long time in Japan is thought to respect the elderly

Respect for the Aged Day from How old is ?

Respect for the Aged Day is the day to honor the old.

how old a person how old is the Senior?

Meaning there have a firm of Respect for the Aged Day is , ” respect the person who has contributed society for a long time ”

So , such as how old that do not particularly arrangements .

The time being , 65 -year-old law

Begin received a pension in Japan 65 years

Grandpa , Grandma , if over 60 years of age from the perspective of children .

I think on the Respect for the Aged Day , you have to see your Grandpa and Grandma being health much is important.

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