carbonated water – It thinks you are bad to health?

do you think carbonate is bad to body ?

In fact, carbon dioxide is good for the body . Did you know ! ?

Bad for the body chemical seasoning and sugar that is included in the ” carbonate juice ”

So , ” carbonate ” itself is not that bad.

In fact there is also a diet effect on the ” carbonated water ”

I will be introducing the carbonated water this time.

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Diet carbonated water

If you drinking carbonated water, It go to enters the stomach.

Stomach is trying to absorb the carbonated water.

It also into the body at the same time carbon dioxide.

Intravascular oxygen becomes temporarily insufficient.

Blood flow in the blood vessel increases to try to compensate for it.

It is in a state similar to when you exercise.

It comes to diet effect.


I will give a feeling of fullness in the stomach swell with gas.

Amount of food is reduced naturally.

Fair skin effect in carbonated water

Why skin is whether the rough.

The cause active oxygen.

Active oxygen , that part of the oxygen captured in the body becomes active oxygen.

Sterilization such good effect the bacteria and viruses in the body , if a small amount.

There is harm increases too much.

Active oxygen and may increase the intake of food additives and stress.

Cause of inflammation such as skin roughness and skin is oxidized.

It is preferable to take advantage of the carbonated water.

It has the effect of suppressing the activity of active oxygen to carbon dioxide , including the carbonated water.

Let’s pack the face on carbonated water.

I to improve the blood circulation bubble is Clean the skin.

Notes When packing face on carbonated water

Pores of the face is open in a bath . wash your face.

And prepare the carbonated water of the digit that immersion to the face in a basin.

Soak about 5 minutes both ways carbonated water face.

Only this . Simple, was not it?

How to make carbonated water

Prepare the baking soda and citric acid.

Use the “medical ” is overlaid.

Content ” sodium hydrogen carbonate ”

Once you have the material , the next step is preparation.

Per liter of water and mix one tablespoon to put ( about 5 grams ) of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

Add the water if carbonate is strong.

It is also possible to drink.

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    Good Day Friend, I am writing from Melbourne Australia. We have had a lot of wind squalls the last month and I’ve only just been able to get on to the blogsphere Thanks so much for the thoughtful blog. It inspired me a lot with my school domestic science research. God Bless the internet !

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