Habanero tomato, this is limited edition, which has been sold at McDonald’s in Japan

In the McDonald’s of Japan, Limited Item being sold often.

Hamburger’s usually about 1 U.S. dollars to three U.S. dollars, but the habanero tomato’s expensive and $ 5 or more.

However, by setting out a sense of quality, and in a limited time, is popular enough to be matrix.

Previously, habanero tomato, was started from June 24, 2013.

Selling point of habanero tomato are as follows:

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Beef burger with “spicy full-bodied taste and”, was added as a spice onion and garlic “habanero sauce”

Together with the sale of hamburger, had also carried out a present to the purchaser.

This is registration campaigns of KAZASU members. Became on members who are KAZASU members,and When you buy a hamburger target,You get a gift.

Gift was the content of the following.

“BITE! Quarter Pounder Original T-shirt”

This T-shirt can get only 1,000 first-come.

McDonald’s in Japan, has sold for a limited time an expensive hamburger since then, but sales seem quite strong.

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