Royal Host, In the family restaurant in Japan, the use Available in a birthday coupon

Royal Host family restaurant with a shop of 300 in Japan.

Slightly higher than Denny’s and Jonathan, but the charm’s freely choose a variety of dishes in buffet.

When you use the Royal Host, a method that can be used for the best deals today.

Then, Fair is doing in Royal Host – Let ‘s unbiased information such as

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How to eat Available in a Royal Host

The Royal Host, up to four times year, can eat 2 discount, there is a birthday coupon.

It is looking for the e-mail magazine member (free) at all times Royal Host, coupon tail accounting of 20% off the month of birthday when you register its members are present.

And the great thing about this coupon, we will be able to get the coupon to the birth of Sun Moon family the person who registered (up to 3 people).

Birthday is not made ​​in the same month, if you have four or more family, that meal would be at the Royal host using the maximum Quarterly coupon.

Check the birthday of the family, by using the Royal host, I’ll be eating out is advantageous!

When you eat out in Japan, and perhaps it would be best to check the birthday of themselves and their families, to try to use the Royal Host

The fair held occasionally in Royal Host. The curry Fair during this time

The Royal Host, I had conducted a curry Fair entitled “New curry Fair ’31 eye” from June 25, 2013.

Said, that will be challenged to provide a whole new curry unprecedented stanza dipped in curry Fair that the concept of “curry restaurant only cock Make”, was carried out 30 times in the past, such as feelings in curry Fair this I have also showed.

As a “bouillabaisse curry and saffron rice”, enjoy how to eat, the combination and curry as “The · Premium Chicken curry curry Fair set”, for example, to provide a curry to enjoy a taste of the material, it is the contents dying curry love are.

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