Synopsis Ghibli movie “The Wind Rises” is? Draw the way of life the “Jiro Horikoshi” at 1930s in Japan

Hayao Miyazaki has made a new movie​​,this is human drama “The Wind Rises”. In Japan, it has become a nationwide road show from July 20, 2013.

The completion report conference held at Studio Ghibli of Koganei-shi, Tokyo, and that had tears in the preview “Tachinu Wind” Hayao Miyazaki himself dealt with on their own production.

This work, which incorporates the essence of “Tachinu Wind” novel of Tatsuo Hori, against the background of the 1930s through the earthquake and recession, began to rush to war, and design Mitsubishi A6M Zero (zerosen) he depicts the youth and love hero is a person, of Horikoshi Jiro.

Synopsis of The Wind Rises content like this.

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Airplane designed for Jiro Horikoshi, of war and crash, development was not going well.

Among such, he falls in love with Satomi Nahoko the heroine in the summer resort. And before long, he get engaged, but Naoko was suffering from tuberculosis.

Two people live in the inevitable limited time, In an attempt to make a “beautiful airplane”, Jiro advance the design of the Zero fighter.

Hayao Miyazaki did not want to draw, the excellence of the Zero fighter, criticism of the disastrous war.

Hayao Miyazaki wanted to draw the way of life of the individual advanced straight true to their dreams even in miserable state of “Jiro Horikoshi”

It is also the last of the seventh volume of “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” last volume, it is summarized is also a copy of this work to “let live”

It seems also to message to us from Miyazaki Hayao crying in the loud and “We need that to live with all your strength at any age though” through a “Video”.

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