Tokyo Toy Show 2013, limited card Aikatsu and Gundam figures and even distribution in the Bandai booth!

At Tokyo Big Sight , for 16 days June 15 ” International Tokyo Toy Show ” was also held in 2013 .

Speaking of toys leading toy manufacturer ” Bandai ” . Image of a big Ultraman is put in the booth entrance , also sample Gundam figures to be released this summer , such as ” MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0 ” .

The Bandai booth at the Tokyo Toy Show this , promotion set of ” Aikatsu ” is ‘ll have been distributed ! It is because you are distributed at the booth before , the following is a set .

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Flower while Aqua Lace Tops
Type: cute
Category : Tops
Lucky Star : ★
Appeal point : 350

Flower while Aqua Lace skirt
Type: cute
Category : Bottoms
Lucky Star : ★
Appeal point : 400

Margaret strap sandals
Type: cute
Category : Shoes
Lucky Stars : ★ ★
Appeal point : 300

Robot anime that is currently broadcasting to other ” revolutionary machine Val Brave ” and ” rave Vu~aruvu I fire people ” and ” sounds Vu~aruvu rave III fire god ” , a variety of plastic model was also deployed .

Also a toy other than the the theme of anime TV , free games smartphone , Smartphone app to grow Nameko familiar with ” nff…nff.. ” and ” get touch detective Mushroom Garden “, and feel era and has changed after all , next to ” Great War Nyanko ” scrolling tower defense game , this place has done a variety of media mix but gashapon for products such as ” Idol Master ” also said that were many .

Later, I thought after personally , radio control that you can fly in the room ” fly line Room Raiders ” .

I can be operated by connecting with a thread body to the pole that comes with fall and rise in 2ch controller , and up -down speed .

Since around the buzzing in a fine momentum , may need to be careful not to hurt anyone when you actually play . But as the plane to play skipping in the room , and be interesting speed has come out fairly .

It runs on four AA alkaline batteries . From Takara Tomy each 8400 yen price on sale in October (including tax ) .

Please, try to check people to be worried about !

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